Songlines in Guardian's Best Shows at Edinburgh Fringe

"Songlines can be lifelines and one scene of Tallulah Brown’s gig-theatre show reflects on how music mirrors our mood. Teenager Stevie – whose mum was a Fleetwood Mac fan – explains how when she was growing up they’d play music together, but as the family splintered each listened to tracks alone in their rooms before Stevie’s soundtrack became silence. Brown’s play is ostensibly a two-hander, charting the relationship between Stevie (Fanta Barrie) and Stan (Joe Hurst), the gawky and bullied boy she meets when she moves to the country. But another duo are ever-present, watching them on stage: Brown herself and Seraphina D’Arby who perform as folk group Trills, with gold leaves wrapped around their mic stands. Their sweetly melancholic songs fill the room with feeling and enrich a familiar yet still affecting story of adolescence and the search for privacy in the wide open countryside."

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Seraphina D'Arby